NanoLab Equipment


Prof. Steckl’s lab in the UC Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems incorporates a Class 1000 clean room space for material and device fabrication, including a variety of thin film vacuum deposition equipment (Denton sputtering system, SVT UHV evaporator, Riber MBE system), spin coating and dip coating equipment, liquid dispensing systems, optical measurement and characterization (Perkin-Elmer and Ocean Optics spectrometers, Nikon upright and inverted microscopes), scanning electron microscope (EVEX).


• Scanning Electron Microscope

• Atomic Force Microscope

• Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Optical Characterization:

• Alpha-station

• Delta-station

• Gel Electrophoresis System

• NanoDrop transmission & fluorescence spectrometers

• Perkin-Elmer transmission spectrometer