May 2022 -- Nanolab attended ECS 2022, Vancouver, Canada, the first In-person conference since COVID padermic. Dr. Steckl received the prestigious ECS award and Daewoo gave a invited talk. Click for photos~!!

Apr 2022 -- NanoLab alumnus Vishak Venkatraman (PhD 2017) with Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO taken at the dedication ceremony (April 2022) for the $3B expansion of Intel's Portland campus. Looking forward to seeing future students from the NanoLab joining Intel’s Ohio location.

Feb 2022 -- Nanolab article on "Comparative analysis of genome code complexity and manufacturability with engineering benchmarks” was published in Nature Scientific Reports. - Click here for a related UC News Story.

Jan 2022 -- NanoLab review article on “Coaxial Electrospinning Formation of Complex Polymer Fibers and their Applications” in ChemPlusChem journal was #1 most accessed in 2021!

Oct 2021 -- Nanolab published the article in Journal of Biomedical Materials Research on 'Electrospinning of cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives for human dural repair in endonasal surgery.'

Jun 2021 -- Nanolab members and alumni gave oral talks at the 239th ECS/IMCS virtual conference.'

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