May 2020 -- Nanolab published the article in Biosensors and Bioelectronics on 'Quantitative hematocrit measurement of whole blood in a point-of-care lateral flow device using a smartphone flow tracking app.'

May 2020 -- Congratulations to Dr. Steckl for receiving the Electronics and Photonics Division Award of the Electrochemical Society.

Mar 2020 -- "Hello" from Old Friends, NanoLab Alumni.

Feb 2020 -- Nanolab published the article in International Journal of Pharmaceutics on Self-inflating floating nanofiber membranes for controlled drug delivery.

Feb 2020 -- Nanolab published the article in Analytical Biochemistry on Lateral flow assay using aptamer-based sensing for on-site detection of dopamine in urine.

Jan 2020 -- Nanolab review article on coaxial electrospinning was among the most accessed articles in 2019 in ChemPlusChem journal, and included in the Readers' Choice Special Collection.

Jan 2020 -- Our research on local brain cancer therapy is featured on the latest newsletter from the Children Brain Tumour Drug Delivery Consortium.

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