Mar 2023 -- Dr. Steckl was invited to present NanoLab research activities at Rudgers University.

Mar 2023 -- Nanolab members gave presentations at ACS Spring 2023.

  • Versatile electrospun nanofiber-based novel delivery platforms for biomedical applications by Daewoo Han.
  • Multifunctional core-sheath nanofibers for pre- and post- islet transplantation by Brooke Campbell.
  • Highly sensitive OECT integrated cmicrofluidic flow cell device for bacteria detection by Jingchu Huang.

Mar 2023 -- NanoLab Ph.D. student Brooke Campbell encourages young women in STEM.

Feb 2023 -- Dr. Steckl has been invited to join the Advisory Board of Chemical Society Reviews, a journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Chem Soc Rev has an Impact Factor (#citations/publication) of 60.6, one of the highest of all publications.

Jan 2023 -- NanoLab review paper on Coaxial Electrospinning has been the most accessed paper in ChemPlusChem journal for 2 years in a row (2021, 2022).

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