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ECE Department | Engineering | University of Cincinnati | Nano Institute



Aug 2017- NanoLab alumni Dr. Dong-seon Lee working as a professor at GIST, South Korea visited UC NanoLab and gave a seminar for 'Integration of multi-color micro-LEDs for display applications'.

Jul 2017- Nanolab published the first clinical article in the Biomedical Microdevices on 'Point-of-care coagulation monitoring: first clinical experience using a paper-based lateral flow diagnostic device'.

Jun 2017- Nanolab published the article in the Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology on 'In-vitro evaluation of MPA-loaded electrospun coaxial fiber membranes for local treatment of glioblastoma tumor cells'.

May 2017- AJS gave an invited presentation on “POC blood coagulation monitoring using paper-based lateral flow devices” at SelectBio 2017 Point-of-Care Conference, Munich Germany.

May 2017- AJS gave an invited seminar on “Organic Nano/Bio Electronics or Getting Lost in the Garden of Nature” at Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Eidgenossiche Technische Hochschule (ETH), Zurich Switzerland (*where Albert Einstein received his PhD).

Apr 2017- NanoLab presented 1 oral talk and 1 poster presentation in MRS conference Spring 2017 @ Phoenix, AZ.

    •  Daewoo Han talked on “Stimuli-responsive coaxial electrospun membranes using self-immolative polymers”
    •  Vishak Venkatraman presented on “Organic Optoelectronics for Integrated Lateral Flow Immunoassay-Based Diagnostic System”.

Apr 2017- Nanolab published the article in the Biomicrofluidics on 'Flow reproducibility of whole blood and other bodily fluids in simplified no reaction lateral flow assay devices'.

Mar 2017- Nanolab published the article in the ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces on 'Stimuli-Responsive Self-Immolative Polymer Nanofiber Membranes Formed by Coaxial Electrospinning'.

Feb 2017- Nanolab published the article in the Acta Biomaterialia on 'Long-term antimicrobial effect of nisin released from electrospun triaxial fiber membranes'.

Feb 2017- NanoLab Patent Winners (Dr. Daewoo Han and Prof. Andrew Steckl) Honored During Bearcat Halftime Ceremony.

Feb 2017- Shima received the prize for her poster at 2017 Graduate Student Expo on “Cortisol Detection by Aptamer-Based Strip Biosensor”.

Jan 2017- Prof. Steckl gave an invited seminar on “Circuits on Cellulose: From Transistors to LEDs, from Displays to Microfluidics on Paper”, at the Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN.

Jan 2017- Daewoo gave a seminar in the UC Materials Science & Engineering program entitled “Electrospinning: An Overview and Applications”.

Jan 2017- Vishak received 1st prize for his “elevator pitch” at the University of Cincinnati Annual Sensor Community Retreat on “Organic Optoelectronics Integrated Lateral Flow Immunoassays (LFIA)”.

Jan 2017- Shima received 1st prize for her poster at the University of Cincinnati Physics Department graduate student poster competition on “Cortisol Detection by Aptamer-Based Strip Biosensor”.

Nov 2016- > NanoLab publishes 2 articles in the Focus Issue on Paper Electronics of the Flexible and Printed Electronics Journal of the Institute of Physics (UK):

    •  Urine-Powered Sensor for “Smart” Diaper.
    •  Paper-Based Diagnostics with Zero On-Board Power

Sep 2016- Prof. Steckl is co-organizer of NSF Workshop on Paper-based Electronics for the 21st Century

Jun 2016- Nanolab's blood coagulation device is featured by NSF News media.

May 2016- Nanolab presents 1 invited talk, 2 oral presentations, 3 poster presentations at Interpore 2016.

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