Sputtering System

The Denton Vacuum DV-602 Sputtering system is the work horse of the University of Cincinnati NanoLab. It has been serving the lab since the year 1988. The crucial task of taking care of her has been handed over from one lab member to the other as they leave the lab after graduation.

The sputtering system has two three inch cathodes and one four inch cathode that can be driven by either RF or DC power source. The system equips with a mechanical pump and a cryo pump that allows it to be pumped down to pressures of lower 10-7 Torr. The system is mainly used to sputter the transparent conductive electrode, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) for the devices the lab members are testing. Also the sputtering system is used to deposit dielectrics such as Silicon Nitride, Barium Tanatalate, and Strontium Titanate. Also the DV-602 is used to deposit metals such as Copper, Platinum, Aluminum, and Titanium. The DV-602 has the capabilities of using Argon and Oxygen plasma for sputtering.

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