NanoLab Photo Archive

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, life moves pretty fast... if you don't look around once in awhile, you could miss it."     --  Ferris Beuler in the movie 'Ferris Bueler's Day Off'.


        Dr. Steckl & his new PhDs I | Dr. Steckl & his new PhDs II | Dr. Steckl & his new PhDs III

           Such a heavy hot dog | Thanks to Chanaka for taking so many wonderful pictures

  • NanoLab team at 5th Flying Pig Marathon on May 4, 2003:

                           NanoLab team members | Team leader and fastest runner

                                                  Cheers for NanoLab's first poster award at MRS Meeting

                                   Cheers - Happy Halloween

                            What does Chanaka lack?

                            NanoLab is not really NANO

                            "No, not yet. That must be 19 years later."

                                               The parents are so proud of Jason

                                               Don's family is so happy for his Doctor degree

                                                              Jay and his wife after the defece

         "A lab meeting for working schedule of next year before dinner. OK?" "NO!"

                     Julie brought Lin her Christmas gift -- a box of very good cookie

       Wonderful music from wonderful Chanaka in the wonderful 01' Christmas party at Dr. Steckl's house

                                               Best cafe until last drop

                                               Bob Jones' happy family

                                          Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

                                              The students are enjoying Pizza+Beer+Talk

                               However, the Boss is dreaming on three colors integration 

                                               Dr. Kosel is glad to meet Dr. Steck-ula

                 Luke is going to join in Halloween Party as a  NanoLab-student in X-years

                           "Please let us graduate as earlier as possible, Dr. Steck-ula!"

                                               Dr. Steckl and Dr. Steck-ula                                                    

                                      Robert's presentation

                                      Lin's presentation

                                      Don's presentation

                                      Cheers for Ming's birthday

                                      "Nice bookstore, nice coffee!" said Dr. Steckl.

                                      Main building of Univ. of Notre Dame

                                      NanoLab members at DRC

                                      Riverside of South Bend

                                      Prof. Nick Holonyak at DRC&EMC



                                             Four bottles of Champaign and four happy guys

                                             Look at this cute Luke, Janson's son.

                                             "Hello, everybody!" Chris said.

                                             Our great cook Bob is showing his food.

                               Don and his beautiful wife are enjoying the nice food.

                               Dr. Steckl is showing his cake for Mike, Robert, Irving and Boon. 

                                            Boon and his cakeS.

                                            Irving is looking for his part.

                                            What are you thinking about, Jay?

                                            Such a sports girl!

                                            "Wait a second, son. I'm opening another beer for you."  

                                              Nanomembers are here! 

                                              Dr. Boon Lee

                                              Dr. Robert Chi

                                              Dr. Irving Chyr

                                              Happy guys!