2010 International Meeting on Electrowetting @ Pohang, Korea



Electrowetters~! Group photo~!!

Electrowetting meeting held at Pohang, Korea.

First invited talk by Dr.Heikenfeld @ UC NDL~!

Following Dr.Steckl's invited talk~!!

Registration desk.

Coffee break~!

Dr.Steckl give a toast~!

Back to conference~!

Lots of discussions~!

and Suggestions...

Korean traditional song & music~!

Poster award winners~!~! Congraturations~!!


Let's enjoy tour photos~!!

Pray for you and me.

Ancient observatory~!

Beautiful painting on temple.

Beautiful scene of Bul-Guk temple.

One of Korean tranditional suite~!

Tea time~! (Caution: No sugar~! but delicious~!)

This is traditional way how Korean make delicious rice cake~!

Korean Archiers~!!


See you in 2012~!!! at Greece~!!!