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Dr. Andrew J. Steckl  (aka AJS, the Boss man)

NanoLab Director
Ohio Eminent Scholar and  
Carl Gieringer Professor of

Solid State Electronics

Dr. Andrew J. Steckl has had 30 years of experience working as a research scientist in industry and as a professor in the academic world.  More information on Dr. Steckl's background and current interests can be found here.

The Boss Man.  

All the NanoLab students agree that he's lucky we let him work with all of us, and that we don't leave and form our own Super-NanoLab, we'd call our new lab the PicoLab.
Prajokta Ray

PhD Student

PhD Electrical Eng, University of Cincinnati - 2019

Prajokta is working on optical sensors to detect various biomarkers in body fluids..


Eric Frantz 

PhD Student

M.S. Electrical Eng, University of Cincinnati - 2014

B.S. Electrical Eng, University of Cincinnati - 2011

Eric is working on organic thin film transistors fabricated on paper substrates.


Shima Dalirirad

Ph.D. Student 

M.S.  Physics, University of Cincinnati, 2015

Research on paper-based microfluidic devices. These devices have a huge potential to be used in screening and point-of-care diagnostics applications because they are easy to fabricate, simple to use, and low in cost. She enjoys novels, playing volleyball, movies.


Ashkan Tirgar

Ph.D. student 

M.S. Amirkabir University of Technology, 2014

Ashkan's current research involves multi-axial electrospinning of nanofibers. He is working along with Dr. Daewoo Han to investigate applications of electrospun nanotubes in adressing medical and enviromental needs.


Joe Riolo

M.S. student 

B.S. Electrical Eng, Ohio State University, 2009

Part time student and full time Engineer at GE Aviation. Researching the history, current state, and proposed applications of synthetic biology. Analyzing the complexity and feasibility of engineering organic systems.


Hua Li

Postdoc Fellow

PhD - University of Cincinnati - 2018

B.E - Shenyang University of Technology - 2011

Hua is interested in the principle of microfluidics, wax printing, and its application on paper-based bioassays.

She enjoys novels, movies, classical music and swimming.


Daewoo Han

Senior Research Associate 

Ph.D. Electrical Eng., University of Cincinnati, 2010

M.S.  Telecomm. Eng, Hoseo University , 1996

He have expertised experiences over electrofluidics including electrowetting, electrophoresis, dielectrophoresis and electrospinning. He is trying to combine these techniques into the new engineer world.

His current focus, multi-axial electrospinning, is one of very powerful technique to produce multi-coated nanofibers/nanotubes in a single step.


Serdar Tort

Visiting Scientist 

Ph.D. Gazi University December 2016

M.S.  Gazi University June 2011

His MS thesis is releated with development of controlled release tablet of morphine and Ph.D. thesis is in the area of nanofiber wound dressings for acute/chronic wound healing. Besides these areas, he also works on nanoparticular controlled drug delivery systems, 3D printing systems and novel dosage forms. His primary research interest is in electrospinning.


Jason Heikenfeld - Honorable Lifetime Nanolab member

Assistant Professor  

Ph.D. Electrical Eng, University Of Cincinnati, 2001

Jason is currently Assistant Professor in University of Cincinnati. He has a extreme passion for the research and teaching students. We are always welcome him as a Honorable Lifetime Nanolab member.

--All-Powerful Master of a droplet and Big Important Sounding Title Denoting Seniority.

Jason is another of those who haven't learned their lesson from going to school for years and years. After inhaling too many lab vapors one day, he decided he'd like to be a florist but ended up here instead.


Julie Meunchen - Honorable Lifetime Nanolab member
She worked as the Nanolab secretary and now is working s as Graduate program coordinator. We are pleased for her to be a family as a honored member of Nanolab.
Grand Chancelor of Organizational Skills and Supplier of Yummy Holiday Cookies.