NanoLab Director

Dr. Andrew J. Steckl


Ohio Eminent Scholar & Carl Gieringer Professor of Solid State Electronics

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0030

Email :

Phone : 513-556-4777





BS Princeton Univ.



MS Univ. of Rochester 1970
PhD Univ. of Rochester 1973

Professional Experience


Industry (Honeywell, Rockwell)
1976-1988 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Professor of Electrical Eng, Founder & Director of Integrated Electronics.
1988-present University of Cincinnati

Professional Recognition

• Elected IEEE fellow: "For Contributions to Focused Ion Beam Implantation and Semiconductor Device Fabrication", 1998.

• College of Engineering Research Award, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 1999.

• Elected Scientific Member of the Bohmische Physikalische Gesselschaft: “For Original Research Contributions to Focused Ion Beam Interactions in Materials and Their Applications to Semiconductor Processing”, 1999.

• Associate Editor, IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, 2004.

• Rieveschl Award for Distinguished Scientific Research, University of Cincinnati, “For Pioneering Inventions and Contributions in the Field of Rare-Earth-Doped Electroluminescent Materials and Devices”, 2006.

• Co-editor of Special Issue on Solid State Lighting published jointly by IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology and IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 2007.

• Distinguished Engineering Research Award, University of Cincinnati, 2007.


In 1988 , Dr. Steckl joined the University of Cincinnati as Ohio Eminent Scholar and Gieringer Professor of Solid State Microelectronics in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. At Cincinnati , Dr. Steckl established the Nanoelectronics Laboratory , currently conducting research in:

rare-earth-doped III-N light emitting materials (MBE) and devices for flat panel displays, optical waveguide amplifiers, lasers.

electrofluidics: (a) electrowetting devices for liquid logic and displays; (b) electrospinning of multi-component nanofibers for hydrophobic, oleophobic, photonic, and electronic materials; (c) microfluidic chips for biopolymer enrichment and separation.

organic and biopolymeric (DNA) materials for photonic and electronic devices.

Starting in 2004, a new direction for the NanoLab has been towards novel biotech materials, devices and applications. This research has rapidly borne fruit, leading to the first high efficiency DNA-based BioLED ( Applied Physics Letters 2006 ), stimulated emission in lumophore-doped DNA films ( Applied Optics 2007 ), the first nanometer-scale DNA thin films ( Nano Letters 2007 ), the first liquid-state transistor ( Appl. Phys. Lett. 2007) and an article reviewing the status and prospects of DNA Photonics in the inaugural issue of Nature Photonics ( 2007).

To date, Prof. Steckl has graduated 36 Ph. D. students (6 Ph. D.'s in 2006-07). Together with his students, he has published 370 papers, which have received a total of over 3,800 citations to date (390 citations in 2008) resulting in Hirsch citation h-index of 32 in 2008. Prof. Steckl has also obtained 10 patents at UC on various light emitting materials and devices (with 3 patents issued in 2006 and 1 in 2008). He has been awarded over $16M in research funding from a variety of sources, including federal agencies (such as Army Research Office, Army Research Laboratory, Air Force Research Laboratory, National Security Agency, NASA, National Science Foundation), State of Ohio agencies (Ohio Department of Development, Edison Materials Center) and industry (Motorola, Dow Corning, Rockwell, Raytheon, etc.).