Research in Extreme Photonix


Extreme Photonix, a spin-off of NanoLab, is developing new semiconductor technology that could bring major improvements to flat-panel displays (FPD) for computers, personal digital assistants and high-definition television.

Rare earth-doped materials, known widely for their photonic properties, are ideal for full-color displays and optical amplification. Extreme Photonix is rapidly advancing the use of the wide bandgap semiconductor host, gallium nitride (GaN), with luminescent rare earth ions. This powerful combination allows for high-performance electroluminescent sources that emit bright and spectrally pure primary colors for full-color displays.

The all-solid-state devices being developed by Extreme Photonix can yield a much more robust flat-panel display than current technologies such as liquid crystal displays, which encapsulate a liquid, and plasma displays, which use a gas in an evacuated chamber. Extreme Photonix aims to exploit the structural simplicity of electroluminescent devices in comparison to complicated, bulky and costly cathodluminescent and photoluminescent devices. The company's rare earth-doped GaN display devices can generate all primary and mixed colors and are brighter with a wider field of view than is currently possible with active matrix LCD technology. Displays made of this material are rugged, temperature independent and can be viewed outdoors under ambient light conditions.